About Meditation Puzzles

Meditation puzzles are often enjoyed by those who desire a meditative focus to create greater mindfulness and insights, as well as those who appreciate detail-oriented experiences.

Many enjoy the challenge of putting together a sacred complex puzzle and take a great deal of satisfaction in completing one. Meditation puzzles are an easy way to relax and unwind, relieve stressed anxious feelings, while building endorphins; the feel good hormones creating enjoyable feelings. These inner quiet times often create moments when our “Aha” insights are revealed awakening us to find solutions to life’s concerns. 

Some people believe that because meditation puzzles require concentration, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning skills, they may help improve cognitive function. Others say they simply enjoy quiet reflections of their inner journey.

Enjoy the chanting clips we have selected on our website for your use, or select ones that you prefer from your own spiritual practices. The most important thing is for you to create moments for deepening your practice and spiritual rejuvenation.

Dr Anna Bonas,     
—Visionary of meditation puzzles
for deepening inner peace and happines

Let us know what you think and enjoy about working with sacred images, while listening to and chanting mantras as you create greater wholeness from many pieces.

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