Poli’ahu – Teresa Bright

Hookena: Poli’ahu  with Hula

Ho’okena Poli’ahu Lyrics

Wai maka o Poliahu
I ka ‘eha a ke aloha
Kaumaha i ka ha’alele
O Aiwohi kupua

Anuanu ka ‘iu kêhau
O Mauna Kea
A’ohe ana ipo aloha
E ho’o pumehana

Kau mai ka hali’a aloha
O ka wa mamua
Puolu ka wai o Nohi
Ku’u mehameha

He lei ko aloha
No ku’u kino
Pili poli hemo’ole
No na kau akau

E ho’i mai (e ho’i mai)
E ku’u ipo
E ho’i mai (e ho’i mai)
E pili kâua
E ho’i mai (e ho’i mai ‘oe)
E ho’i mai ‘oe e, e
E ho’i mai ‘oe

Tears of the snow goddess
And the pains of love
Sadden by separation
Of Aiwohi, the demi-god

Cold the sacred dew
Of Mauna Kea
And no one to love
And to warm

To enact memories of love
Of times gone by
Refresh the water of Nohi
And my loneliness

Your wreath of love
For my body
And bosom closed tied
Put in place forever

Come back to me
My sweetheart
Come back to me
As we embrace
Come back to me
Come back to me
Come back to me


  • As the ground got hotter and hotter, Poliahu realized that it was her rival goddess Pele she was racing. As Poliahu inched ahead in the race, Pele’s frustration got the best of her. She [Poliahu] dropped her human form and summoned her forces. When we drop our human form into our spiritual nature in life we gain our divine power.
  • Campbell wrote, “Myth makes a connection between our waking consciousness and the mystery of the universe. It gives a map or picture of the universe and allows us to see ourselves in relationship to nature.”
  • it is only in this world of duality that we sense separation, our pure Absolute Self is the vast ineffable awareness resting in Oneness, dissolving form into formlessness.


Puzzle has 513 pieces and is 16″ x 20″


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The sacred and beautiful Poli’ahu, the snow goddess of Mauna Kea
Sacred Mauna Kea emerges deep from the sea as her summit opens to the sky.
E ho’i mai ‘oe   Come to me

Feel a wreath of love fully embracing you

I am fully present, steady as a mountain, I open to my sacredness as vast as the sky.
Be like the majestic mountain as clouds and life changes pass by, remain fully present steady and strong.
Awareness of our True Pure Nature is the path to end all suffering

“Empty your heart before the sun goes down, don’t carry troubles into the next day.”
—Auntie Margaret


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