Relaxing Sanskrit AUM ॐ

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Patañjali Chapter 2 | Sādhana | Sanskrit Music for Meditation and Yoga

Patañjali Chapter 3 | Vibhūti | Sanskrit Music for Meditation and Yoga

Musical Offering

Puzzle has 513 pieces and is 16″ x 20″


Shipping to USA: $11 per puzzle

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Music within my heart sings an infinite source of love.
Listening to sounds—the whispers of nature that surround us—awakens our awareness of Presence. Being in the present moment opens our heart to more expansive love and happiness.

“I spring forth from the waters of the ocean,
from there I spread into the universe.
I touch the sky with my body.
I blow like the wind creating the worlds.
My greatness expands beyond the sky and the earth”
—Devi Upanishad


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