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Chanting Sarasvati mantra helps improve memory, understanding and wisdom

Sarasvati with Pearls

Puzzle has 513 pieces and is 16″ x 20″


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Sarasvati brings blessings of wisdom, insight, and success to all your endeavors ~ Music, Art, Speech, and Knowledge.

Pearls are symbolic of wisdom gained through experience. Valued for their calming effects, serenity, conveying a sense of safety, innocence, purity, peace, and beauty, as well as integrity and loyalty.

Sarasvati’s Pearls represent a sutra a “saying,” sutra in Sanskrit: “thread” “note” “string” a series of aphorisms set together as pearls on a string. The image of the pearls resonates with the pearl necklace in the hand of the divine muse of music and the fine arts. Each of the sutra dialogues can be appreciated like a pearl, perfect and yet imperfect, whole in itself and yet connected to the others, containing some of the infinite wisdom of the great Goddess Sarasvati.

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